Welcome to Cellectric Electrical LLC, a leader in electrical and civil contracting with a legacy that dates back to 2001. Our headquarters are nestled in East Syracuse, New York, where we’ve established a reputation for excellence in the telecommunications, renewable energy, and EV Charging sectors. With a comprehensive suite of services and a proven track record, Cellectric is your go-to partner for all your project needs.

One of our standout qualities is our extensive reach. We hold master electrical contracting licenses in multiple states. This not only reflects our commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards but also our ability to serve clients across multiple states. It’s a testament to our proficiency and dedication.

At Cellectric, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve cultivated over the years. Through our membership in the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), we can swiftly mobilize highly skilled teams wherever our customers require their expertise. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to deliver quality and efficiency.

What sets Cellectric apart is our dedication to self-performing over 95% of our work. We excel in handling technically challenging projects and those with demanding schedules. We take on the tough tasks, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. As predominantly a sub-contractor, we seamlessly integrate into larger projects, ensuring that every aspect of the job is executed to perfection.

Our comprehensive range of electrical, civil, and maintenance services is a testament to our versatility and expertise. From AC and DC power systems to fiber optic, coaxial, and copper communication systems, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in DAS and small cells, grounding and ground testing, and the installation and maintenance of wind, solar, and backup power sources, including generators and UPS and battery systems. We’re also dedicated to energy-efficient solutions, with LED lighting being a key component of our offerings.

Since our inception, Cellectric has served clients across diverse industries, both regionally and nationally. Our expertise extends to wireless and fixed-line communications, utilities, EV charging infrastructure, LED lighting, drone surveillance, and enterprise customers. Our diverse portfolio showcases our adaptability and commitment to delivering excellence across various sectors.

Cellectric is more than just a contractor; we are your dedicated partner in achieving your vision for efficient and sustainable energy solutions. With our proven expertise and unwavering commitment to quality and safety, we’re here to help you bring your projects to life and build a brighter, greener future.

Thank you for considering Cellectric as your trusted partner. Let’s power the future, together.